Post Filing 1098-T Correction Processing

correctedOne of the major advantages of the TSC1098-T system is the ability to handle post-filing corrections. This has always been a problem for many schools. Once the initial e-filing is done, any corrections to existing 1098-T or new forms must be transmitted to the IRS. The requirements for the correction filing can be complex and if done incorrectly can result in IRS penalties being assessed.

Make the change and you done.

To make changes to a 1098-T that has been issued or to add a 1098-T, just logon to the TSC1098-T web system. Search by Name, SSN or Student ID to quickly locate and change the student 1098-T record. You can then print and mail a revised copy to the recipient or simply send it as a PDF attachment via e-mail. The corrected 1098-T is then transmitted to the IRS e-file system automatically. Its that easy.

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